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Multifood Supermarket is located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada; Windsor is located south of Detroit, Michigan, USA-the Detroit River separates Canada from the United States. Multifood Supermarket opened in Windsor in May 2015.

Multifood Supermarket occupies an area of ​​about 22,000 square feet, with free parking, and hundreds of independent parking spaces to serve our customers. The layout and decoration of the store has a very Asian and Oriental style and atmosphere, and blends with the customs of other countries in the world; the mall is full of seasonal products from Asian countries and North America. In addition to household and food products, Multifood Supermarket also includes fruits, vegetables, cereal products, dairy products, seafood, meat, as well as semi-finished products and snacks. A wide variety of agricultural products, fresh fish, seafood and fresh meat all have competitive prices.

Multifood Supermarket is strategically located next to the University of Windsor; it is a full-service supermarket. Multifood Supermarket is committed to diversifying products and displaying the food culture of countries around the world. Multifood Supermarket is positioned to provide an excellent shopping experience for Canadian multinationals. Multifood Supermarket seeks a unique shopping environment that transcends traditional supermarkets and blends the customs of different nationalities. At the Multifood Supermarket, customers can choose fresh, products that suit their own customs, or taste international dishes of other nationalities. These fresh products come from all over the world.

Multifood Supermarket specialises in food and merchandise in Asia and Canada. The food court at Multifood Supermarket has dozens of fast foods-bread, deli, sushi, Chinese barbecue. If you like these products or you want to experience the food culture of different nationalities, then Multifood Supermarket is your ideal shopping mall.

Store Hours

  • Monday - Saturday 9AM - 9PM
  • Sunday 9AM - 9PM

* Holiday Hours *

  • New Year's Day(Jan. 1st): Closed
  • Family Day: Closed
  • Thanksgiving Day: Closed
  • Christmas(Dec. 25th): Closed

Contact Information

  • Tel:(519) 258-9989
  • Fax:(519) 253-5533
  • Email: TBA

What's In Store

  • Gift Cards
  • Pre-Paid Phone Cards
  • Chinese Traditional Herb
  • Gift Wrapper

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